Retirement Forecast Service

We use Voyant cashflow modelling software to estimate the likelihood of whether you will outlive your money in retirement or not.

Once you come on-board, we will build a financial plan for you and, unlike many competitors, we will not charge you extra for this service.

What is your number? Will you have enough? We can help you identify what you need to achieve financial dignity in retirement.

If you want us to create a financial plan for you without commiting to become our client, we can do this for you for a one-off fee of £995.

Case Study – Example 1

Mrs A was keen to retire but did not think she had enough in her pension to provide income for a 30-year retirement. By creating a financial plan for her, we showed her that in fact she could afford to retire. She is in fact still working but feels great that she can pack in whenever she wants to.

Case Study – Example 2

Mr N had a sizeable company pension and little other financial assets. However, he was concerned whether he would run out of money or not in retirement, so he asked us to create a financial plan for him. We did so and assured him he should be ok.

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The earlier you plan, the better...

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